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Baby-Digglet (Brie) born: February 10, 2005!

Baby-Digglet (Bella) born: December 18, 2008!

In memory of Bandit Diggs one hell of a cat.

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Site Disclaimer
I feel I have to mention that my wife hates the look of this site and really wants me to spend some time sprucing it up.

The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes

I really feel this old phrase says what I need to say as to the state of my site.

If I were an unemployed programmer (web dude), I guess my website would look awesome. It would have to in case I needed it for a job. However, the good Lord has blessed my family and kept me employed so I really have no time to work on it... just enjoy the spirit with which it is created... or not.

- Hal Diggs
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